Little Girls

The time has come for me to revisit the other show about little girls--Annie.  To be honest, I have never seen a produciton of Annie.  I've performed in the show twice, advised middle schools in East New York and Sunset Park who were putting on the "junior" version, but I've never actually seen a full production of Annie

I'm  traveling home this weekend to spend an early Thanksgiving with my family in Massachusetts, and while I'm there, my mom and I are heading into Boston to see Annie at the Wheelock Family Theatre, the theatre where I got my Equity card fourteen years ago.

I'll always have a soft spot for Annie.  Other than the Mary Martin Peter Pan, which I saw on television as a very little girl, the film version of Annie was pretty much my introduciton to the world of musical theatre.   Somewhere in my parent's house there is casette tape recording of me at nine years old, singing along to the Annie record.  My dad thought it was cute that his very shy and quiet daughter was enthusiastically singing along, so he snuck into the room and recorded me.  Then every year when we would go to get our Christmas tree, he would switch out the Johnny Mathis Holiday cassette tape and pop in the tape of me singing to Annie, much to my mortification.  It was a Kempskie family tradition.

And what's wild is that I still know every single word to all of the Annie songs by heart.  And I understand why eighth graders in East New York get excited to sing "It's a Hard Knock Life."  It's a good song--it's musically challenging and the lyrics are strong and resonant.  (Which is why Jay Z make this version, and why both middle schools I advised used his version for their curtain call music.)  I can only hope that years and years from now, someone will feel the same way about Helen on 86th St. 

One more thing!  We are wrapping up a wonderful, wonderful week of fundraising!  We now have 102 Backers and almost $10,000.  We are so close to being two-thirds of the way there, and it's thanks to you!

And to be honest, I've been able to breathe a little easier these past few days thanks to those enouraging pledge numbers.  Who knows, I might even be able to take a day off next week and enjoy my turkey and stuffing ;)