Lullaby of Broadway

Today's blog title was a toss up between "Lullaby of Broadway" and "Goodnight, My Someone," from The Music Man.  I decided to go with "Lullaby of Broadway" because it had a much more positive ring.

The past couple of days have really been about one thing for me:  Sleep.  The combination of Daylight Savings Time, BAM Workshops, busy season at the Paley Center, Helen Casting, launching Helen's fundraising initiative, doing another reading right on the tail of our "preview" in September, putting a deposit on a theatre, beginning to plan another reading in January and a full spring all just caught up with me. 

And so, I've been sleeping...and sleeping...and sleeping.

Actually, I've been working, teaching, eating and sleeping, but I still have managed to get at least eleven hours of sleep every night since Sunday.  Pretty unprecedented for me, other than when I have the flu.

And, you know what?  After three days of hibernating, I woke up this morning with a bunch of fresh Helen energy.  I have ideas for Act 2, ideas for the staging of the full production and some new fundraising strategies to try out.  I'm so excited to jump back into it all.

So, the moral of the story is--Sleep:  It does the body good. 

Also:  Sing yourself a broadway lullaby before dozing off.  You just never know what ideas you'll wake up with.

**A special shout out to all of the new Helen donors we've added this week!  Since I don't know any of you, many thanks to all our Helen supporters (in particular, Joe I. and Elissa B.) who spread the word your way.  We are so grateful!