Climb Every Mountain

I've decided to spice things up a bit this week by naming each blog entry after a musical theatre song.  Let's see if I can pull it off.

So, we heard our full script and score yesterday with an incredibly talented cast.  It was pretty exciting-- definitely an artistic milestone that I will never forget.  

I wish I could say that afterwards I went home, took a bubble bath and basked in the glow of our success.  But, as they say in the business..."the show must go on," and this one still has a long way to go.

So instead of a bubble bath, Robby, Alicia and I spent three hours after the reading eating Thai food and discussing, processing and planning for next steps for Helen's development. Then Alicia and I got on the subway, where it seemed as if every person in our car was tuned in to our very expressive and intense conversation about the end of the play.  (We both tend to be very dramatic when we get passionate about something).  Alicia got off, I continued on to Brooklyn, and inspired by our conversation began to make rewrites.  I became so consumed by the rewriting that I missed my subway stop twice.  I eventually got off at the correct stop, went home and pulled out my producing books in order to gear up for some meetings I have this week.  I checked out all of the Post-Helen-Reading facebook activity and photos, then collapsed.

You see, for every mountain that we successfully climb over throughout this development process, there are many, many more on the horizon. And while I am so filled with joy every time the Helen gang gracefully and exuberantly tackles a Mount Wachusett (summit elevation 2,006 ft.), as the leader of this expedition I have to keep my eyes on all of those Everests (summit elevation 29,029 ft.) and Kilimanjaros (summit elevation 19, 341 ft.) in our path. 

I know we can do it.  I've been training for this expedition my whole life--and I do seem to be the right person to be leading it.  It's just not going to be easy.  But, with a good night's sleep, a strong team, some trail mix and my trusty backpack, before you know it we'll all be standing on that peak.

Many thanks to our brilliant cast for working so hard for free and doing such a wonderful job with the material.  You are all instrumental in making this show as strong as it can be, and we are so grateful to you for being a part of that.


From Left to Right, Front Row:  Kaylie Rubinaccio, Izzy Johnston-Hanson, Martine Bowman, Taylor Leigh Bera, Emma Young, Danielle Rosenthal

Second Row:  Shereen Pimentel, Sofia Thompson, Amanda Yuan, Missy Dreier, Aurielle Kaminski, Sean Gilbert

Third Row: Robby Stamper, Kevin Pariseau, Maggie Bera, Mia Fitzgibbon, Erica Schroeder, Greg Ippolito, Jacob Ming-Trent, Brian Russell, Nicole Kempskie

Photo:  Dale Semler