Just a Small Town Girl....

A heartfelt thanks to Richard Duckett, staff writer for the Worcester Telegram & Gazette. 

Richard wrote a thoughtful article about my Helen journey in the Telegram & Gazette, my home town paper, that appears in print today.  It's very well written and manages to capture my idealism and optimism without making me seem delusional.  (And that, I like.)  And when the PR person from the Paley Center emailed me this morning and said that I showed up on her "Google Alert," I couldn't have been happier that the word about Helen is continuing to spread. 

This article, besides helping get Helen's name out there, means a great deal to me because I grew up reading Richard's theatre reviews in the Telegram the way that New Yorkers look to Brantley and Isherwood for their theatre picks.   I distinctly remember the pride I felt in 1991 when Richard called my singing "nostalgically sweet" in his review of the production of No, No, Nanette that Ken Davenport and I co-starred in.  (The review still hangs in my parent's spare bedroom, framed.)  I know it's not the NY Times, but this is just as big a milestone for me as the NY Times will someday be.

You can check out the article here.