We're Doing a Show!

Yup.  That's right.

The last week in April and the first week in May,  Helen on 86th will be making her staged debut at the American Theatre of Actors in the heart of the Theatre District.

I know what you're thinking-- "They haven't even raised half the money to fund their production yet!" 

This is true. 

We are only 48% of the way there.  But, the reality is, if we didn't book a space this week, there wouldn't be a show in the spring, even if we raised 15 million dollars through Kickstarter.  Trust me, I know, because between all the other things I've been doing this week, I've called every Off-Broadway and Off-Off-Broadway house in the city big enough to accommodate a cast of 19 and they are all booked--many through the end of 2012. 

Should that surprise me?  This is the city where a trip to Trader Joes involves a three-hour time commitment as you patiently wait in the line that wraps around the entire store and out the door.  And that's just for food.  When I was apartment hunting, I had to be ready with a check in hand to pay the security, first and last month's rent the minute I saw the apartment.  It's just the way things roll in this city, so I was naive to think that we were way ahead of the game in booking our space.

Am I worried we won't raise the money?  No.  We have to.  The deposit has been paid.  Robby and I don't have emergency funds any longer and this show is happening.  And in 50 days, if we don't have another $7500 in that Kickstarter account, we lose all the money.  (Now, if that hasn't motivated you to go to our Kickstarter page and make a pledge, I don't know what will.)

The Chernuchin Theatre/American Theatre of Actors is old, historic, somewhat dilapidated and perfect for our show.  It's a space loaded with character, big enough to fit all of our characters, and there is something historic and epic about it.  In fact, some of the best and brightest actors of the past fifty years performed there at some point.  What could be more perfect for a contemporary New York story about kids doing a play about the Trojan War?  And if it was good enough for Urinetown before they were swept off to Broadway, it's definitely good enough for us.

So, "reserve and pay deposit for spring showcase space," has just been crossed off my To-Do list.

Now, it's back to the fundraising, and the full reading on Sunday, and a meeting with my attorney, and...

On a completely different note, a huge CONGRATULATIONS to our Award-Winning Casting Director, Jen Rudin, who just won another award--The Artios Award, for her casting work on Disney's The Princess and the Frog.  We are so proud of Jen and so, so grateful to have her working with us!