End of Month Progress Report: October

It's been a record-breaking month for Helen!  Take a look at what's been going on this past month:

  • 35 of the best and brightest young ladies in New York City auditioned for 3 open roles for our November reading.
  • 3 extremely talented ladies were added to our Creative Team (Alicia Dhyana House, Jen Rudin & Tracy Bersley).
  • 5 brilliant new cast members joined the Helen cast (Broadway and Regional talents: Kevin Pariseau, Jacob Ming-Trent, Shereen Pimentel, Izzy Hanson-Johnston and Danielle Leigh Rosenthal).
  • 878 unique visitors found their way to our site and made 7262 page views.
  • 1,500 people read my blog.
  • We raised $5,879 dollars toward our goal of $15,000 in 6 days.
  • We have 54 Kickstarter Backers / Helen Benefactors.
  • 1 newspaper article about Helen came out and 3 additional interviews were done for upcoming stories.
  • 1 Helen on 86th St. script was edited and re-worked in preparation for our November reading.
  • 1 Helen on 86th St. demo got fine-tuned and completed.
  • 2 Backers/Investors expressed interest in helping us to get the commercial production ball rolling.

Here what's coming up in November:

  • We have our very first full reading of Helen on 86th!
  • We need to start planning for our January public Equity Staged Readings.  (No baklava this time.)
  • We want to have at least 150 Kickstarter Backers, and reach our $15,000 fundraising goal by the end of November, because everyone will be thinking about Christmas and Hanukkah presents in December. (We won't cry if we don't, but it doesn't hurt to think positive!)
  • We want to book a theatre for our late April/May Equity Showcase. (See why we want to raise the $15,000 by the end of November?)
  • We want to obtain a theatrical attorney, make Helen on 86th St. an L.L.C., hire a General Manager, create a proposed budget for a full-scale commercial production (Off-Broadway or Broadway) so that we know what we have to raise, and start bringing on investors. (See why we want to raise the $15,000 by the end of November?)

That's right, folks.  We mean business.  Robby and I aren't getting any younger...and 15 members of our cast are rapidly growing before our very eyes.  The time is now.  Who knows how long the family-friendly vibe of Times Square will prevail?  Or the Tween movement and the current fascination with all things Greek?  And this baby is coming back in 2012.  We've got to strike while the iron is hot.  

But, before we get caught up in the frenzy of all that, we've just got to thank every one of you who has offered your support, your money, your kindness, your advice, your helping hands and your faith in this project.  Robby and I are completely overwhelmed with gratitude for you all.

Now, on to November!