Recommended Reading for all you tweens out there

Written with love for all the tweens in my life......

Warning Adults:  The following may contain abbreviations and language that you find confusing at best and irritating at worst, especially if you happen to have tweens of your own.  I would recommend you check back tomorrow when I will likely share some profound and moving quote with you (because I'm too tired to write another blog post).

Nicole's Recommended Reading List

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So, like when I was creating my musical HELEN ON 86th ST.  (super cute name, right?)  I really wanted to get inside the heads of tweens - you know, like kids who are like 10-12, not really teens, but super close.  So, since I SOOOOOO love to read tween chapter books (I know, like TOTALLY WEIRD, right?), I decided to start reading modern books about greek mythology. 

Okay.  I know what you are thinking.  Two words...or letters....PJ. PERCY JACKSON, right? PULEEEEEEZE.  PJ is so for 9 year-olds.  Okay, so I'm totally lying.  I think the PJ books are super cool, even if they are just Harry Potter books set at the Acropolis, but what was I saying?

Oh, yeah.  The books.  I totally promise these books won't be like what they force us to read at school.   BOOOOOOOORING!!!!! No, these are, like, really dramatic and kinda' awesome, cuz' Paris was like the Justin Bieber of ancient Greece.  So, picture like Paris as Justin Bieber and Helen as like...uh...Selena Gomez... Isn't TOTALLY CRAZY that she wants him to cut his hair???????  I think that's just super weird, right????

This was my ALL-TIME, ABSOLUTE FAVORITE ONE:  Goddess of Yesterday.  I mean seriously...isn't that like the COOLEST cover EVER????????  It's like she's half goddess half octopus.  And this book, actually has won like a million awards.  SERIOUSLY!!!!  In it Helen is super the worst bully at your school, but so HOT that all the men love her.  The story is told from the POV of her servant Anaxander, who would totally be my BFF if I lived during ancient times.  She's super smart and nice and brave.  LOVE HER!!!!  I guess it's based on this really famous poem or book or something called the Illiad, which is something you, like, have to read in high school.  Get this book now...YOU WILL SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

The next two were written by the same author, Esther Freisner, who must be totally obsessed with greek mythology cuz' she has sooo many books about it.  My two favorites, Nobody's Prize and Nobody's Princess, are about, guess who?  Uh, yeah, HELEN!  I mean, Helen was like the face that launched 1000 ships, so she it totally worthy of all these books about her.  Helen is the main character in both of these and she is FIERCE.  I mean, she disguises herself like a boy so that she can learn how to shoot a bow and arrow and sword fight.   COOL, RIGHT???? I SO want to be like Helen in these books and I SO don't want to be somebody's prize or princess.  Or maybe I do????  WHATEVER.

Now you totally have to keep this last one a secret, okay?  OKAY??  PROMISE??  YOU SWEAR???!!  Because it's kinda' nerdy that I read this one.  You ready?  It's called, The Odyssey, and it's like this massive, totally epic poem written my some guy named, not HOMER SIMPSON ;-)  It was sorta' hard to read because it's like translated from ancient Greek, but it's worth it, because it's SOOOOOO ROMANTIC!!!!!!! Odysseus' GRL, Penelope, like, waits for him for years and years, just sitting around knitting...or crocheting...or something like that...this really long scarf while he fights Cyclops and Sirens and stuff.  She is soooo patient.  I could never wait that long...unless it was for Edward (CAMP EDWARD!!!) and I was Bella from Twilight.

So stop reading this and get these books ASAPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!