End of Month Progress Report: September

Phew.  What a month!  To echo what Robby said to me the other night, "I can't believe how much we have done and how fast."  It is a little mind-blowing.  And exhausting.  But, also, exciting.

Here's our September Recap:

  • Had our second full-cast rehearsal for our September preview.
  • More videos from the rehearsal got posted, which led to more email inquiries about the show and more interest.
  • "Vita" cartoon sketch for our logo created. (Thanks, Joey!)
  • Helen logo "mock-ups" created and final working logo in progress. (Thanks, Susan!)
  • Helen slogan created:  "The little musical with a lot of heart."
  • Baked 80 pieces of baklava.
  • Presented our sneak peek:  "A Taste of Helen on 86th St.," to incredibly enthusiastic audiences filled with friends, family and colleagues in the business at MTC Rehearsal Studios.
  • Began our grass-roots PR campaign.  (Thanks, Joe!)
  • I went on my first vacation in over a year and taught an entire graduate course (over two weekends) starting the day after our preview.
  • Both Robby and I not only maintained our sanity, but were filled with pride and joy at what we've accomplished and what the future holds.

Here’s what’s been happening with helenon86th.com:

  • We had our highest number of unique vistitors to the site this month (658) since we've been up and running.
  • In a few days we will break 15,000 site views and 2000 unique visitors.  (Not bad for only being around for less than 4 months.)
  • The blog continues to average 5 new subscribers/readers per day.
  • I continue to get email inquiries from children who really, really want to be in the show.
  • We are starting to get contacted by the press...check your local papers in the months to come.

So there you have it.  There is so much in the works right now as far as the next stages of Helen's development go, so keep reading the blog...I think it will prove to be very interesting.