And We're Off! Again!

I've been so caught up in the launch of our fundraising campaign this week that it wasn't until this morning that I remembered we've got our first full reading in two weeks.  We start rehearsals next Sunday!  In a week, Robby and I are going to hear this musical in its entirety for the very first time with an insanely talented cast!

I've been so preoccupied feeling utterly grateful and awed by everyone's generosity, that I forgot--we've got a show to do. 

And even though I know it's for the best that this is our closed reading, I still wish you could all be there.  Not to be a tease, but for this go-around, we've got the charming Kevin Pariseau, who was in the original cast of Legally Blonde on Broadway and I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change, Off-Broadway.  We have the brilliant Jacob Ming-Trent, who was in the heartbreaking production of On the Levee at Lincoln Center and was Papa Ogre in Shrek on Broadway, and the Understudy for Shrek.  

And for our new kids, we've got Izzy Hanson-Johnston, a 12-year old with more Broadway experience than most adults I know; Shereen Pimentel, who was Young Nala in The Lion King; and check out this video of Danielle Leigh Rosenthal, our new Maxine, singing "On My Own."  

Seriously people!  We've got talent in abundance in the Helen on 86th St. cast.

But, because the majority of our actors are in Actors' Equity Association (the Actors' Union) we are limited to one full public reading in a six-month time span.  And we didn't want to use that up until we knew we were ready.  Since we are trying out some new casting, experimenting with some re-writes and hearing most of Act 2 for the first time, we thought it best to do that in private.

So, wish us luck--I'll keep you posted on how things go.

And hold tight, because we will see you all on January 9th and 17th for our first public Equity Staged Reading!

And then we're off...again..and again...and hopefully, again!

---Back to fundraising for just a sec!  We've raised 34% of the funds we need to do our Equity Showcase in the spring...we're on our way, thanks to your generous support.  Please continue to spread the word so that we can reach our goal!