Let the FUNdraising Begin!

I promised you an exciting Monday, and I'm about to deliver on that promise.

Have you been itching to do something a little daring lately?  Are you wishing you could make a difference in the world without having to break the bank?  Do you feel like the days keep passing by in the same old way without any pizzazz?  Well, here's your chance to be part of something exciting.

Today Helen officially kicks off her Kickstarter Fundraising Campaign!

That's right, folks.  Robby and I are about to make this crazy dream of ours a little bit crazier by vowing that we will get this show up, in a theatre, in Manhattan, THIS SPRING with the fabulous group of people who have been so integral to Helen's development thus far.  So, we have exactly 67 days to raise at least $15,000 in order to make this dream a reality and mount our Equity Showcase. 

Here's where you come in:  all you have to do is click on this link to make a contribution.  Pledging is as easy as buying a book from Amazon....and we won't charge you for shipping and handling.  You can pledge as little as $1 and as much as...well, $10,000 if you are in a very generous mood.

What do you get in return for your contribution?

You get...

  • Our absolute promise that we will continue to work as hard as we can and work as much as we have to to put every cent we get to the best possible use.
  • The knowledge that you are a part of something that is not only exciting, but also important.
  • The opportunity to support a specific piece of art...not just "the arts," or "children," but your very own piece of art (and a very special group of children) that will grow and unfold right before your very eyes.
  • Some really great "rewards" such as, my now-famous, homemade baklava.
  • To see the show!  Live!  On a real stage!  And the actors won't have scripts in their hands!  And we will all be able to experience the magic of one of the oldest forms of storytelling together!  In a theatre! (Not in the studio I take Bollywood dance class in!)

And finally, you get to know that your money is going toward something you believe in.  How often does that happen in life?  When people ask me how Robby and I are able to do all this, so quickly, so intensely, for no money, while juggling multiple other jobs and responsibilities, the only answer I have for them is that I believe in this show.  

That's a wonderful thing.  And you can feel it, too.

So, if you believe in Helen on 86th St., if you believe in the Helen on 86th St. team, head on over to Kickstarter and join the Helen family.