Let's Raise the Mast!

I took the lazy route today.  Instead of going home and writing about "discipline" as I originally intended to last night, I chose to be undisciplined and watch the most recent episode of Mad Men that was waiting for me on my DVR (Oh, Don, really?).

You see, in this case, somebody said what I've been thinking for the past month or so, better than I could say it.  That somebody is my friend Ken in his ever popular blog, the Producer's Perspective. 

Here's what Ken has to say:

Why doesn't anyone commission Producers?

There is no better education than doing. I worked in the Broadway arena for 10 years before I produced my first Off-Broadway show, and still, I never learned more than when I actually had my hands in the mud and was doing it on my own.

And since I believe the future of the theater is dependent on both the people that build the ship (writers) as well as those who sail the ship (producers), wouldn't we all be served if we were able to get up-and-coming Producers' hands dirty?

So commission the writers, because they are the future.

But there have got to be some institutions and some individuals (including some of my peers that have hit it huge with a show . . . you know who you are) that could afford to commission a young Producer or two. 

If we don't support these sailors, we could end up with a lot of boats that sink before they even leave the harbor.

Well said, Kenneth.

If you believe what Ken says here, clap your hands!! Kidding, that will only save Tinker bell.  Seriously, if you believe what Ken says here, keep your eyes on this blog in FOUR DAYS, because you might just have the opportunity to put your money where your mouth is...or your mind is...or, well, you know what I mean.

Pardon me, I've got a boat to get back to.