Helen Receives Her First Hate Email/Death Wish

I believe that Helen on 86th St. is officially on the map now.

On Sunday, October 10th at 4:31pm, Helen on 86th St. received two emails through the website (allegedly sent by "robby") stating that the sender would like for us to "fail miserably," that we are "stupid" and that all we do is "break people's hearts" and we should just "go die."

Oh, and after the one that said we should die, the sender added, "lol." 

Ever the optimist, I take this as a good sign.  We seem to be inciting some very strong feelings about the show, and we haven't even done a full reading yet.  It would be a lie to say that I didn't get a pit in my stomach when I read them.  After all, I had spent my entire Sunday (a beautiful fall day) doing re-writes and editing the final version of the full script for our next reading.  At 4:31pm, I was about ready to collapse under my desk.  So to get this little piece of venom delivered directly to my inbox, I'll admit, was a bit disheartening. (I think poor Robby is still shell-shocked.)

But, to think that someone cares enough about our show to craft these very emotionally charged emails, all because we didn't cast them, means that we must be doing something right.